Written in the Java programming language, this software can be used to quickly retrieve the most recent METAR and TAF messages from a database server for a certain location. A batch feature allows to define a main location (or airport) and several sub-locations (or airports) for which the METARs and TAFs are requested in a row. With only a few mouse-clicks, the program creates ready-to-print charts for each location where the main location is printed on the first page and two sub-locations are summarized on the following pages.

The features can be summarized as follows:

Automatical visualization of most current METAR and TAF messags.
Charts can be printed
Definition of a main location and one or more sub-locations.
In a special batch mode, data for all locations can be automatically requested from the database in a row and all charts can be printed to get a quick overview of the main station and all defined sub-stations.
The time range (from/to time) for TAF visualization can be arbitrarly chosen.
Arbitrary limits can be set for certain METAR/TAF values. If the limits are exceeded, the respective field is highlighted in the chart.
Runs on all computer platforms which support the Java2 run-time environment, for example: Windows, Sun/Solaris, Compaq/Digital Unix, IBM/AIX, Linux etc.

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The following image shows an example for such a chart. GTAF example image

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