Writtten in the java programming language, Jedi is a text editor for generation of meteorological messages. Besides the functions of a normal text editor, Jedi also has the possibility to pre- or postprocess the text, i.e. when loading or saving a text file, the structure of the text is checked and a filter is applied. The Send/Request modul allows data exchange with a remote server.


Standard text editing functions.
Display of editing position and an optional ruler.
Insert/overwrite mode can be set separately for editing, file loading and server requests.
Supports Autoindentation and line wrapping at word boundaries.
Pre- and postprocessing modul with configuable filter functions.
Send/Request modul for data exchange with a remote server.
Function keys can be configured to execute local programs or server requests.
Runs on all computer platforms which support the Java2 run-time environment, for example: Windows, Sun/Solaris, Compaq/Digital Unix, IBM/AIX, Linux etc.

Last update: Tue Jul 11 17:40:17 2000