Avalanche Radar - Introduction

General Product Overview

The INW Avalanche radar is a Pulse - Doppler - Radar. Short microwave pulses are sent out and the received echoes are measured. Any movement in the avalanche track is detected by the doppler frequency shift of the echo signal. Out of this frequency shift the velocity of the target is calculated. Our Pulse - Doppler - Radar also allows a range dependent speed measurement. The target area is divided into discreet units - the so called range gates. The INW Avalanche radar measures up to 80 range gates at the same time.


Components of the Radar

The radar hardware is mounted in a 19'' rack. Using an aluminium case (IP65) for the radar box allows flexible use. Either fixed mounting (e.g. on the antenna mast) for continuous surveillance of a single avalanche site or easy transportability for scientific field studies in different areas.

Last update: May 2011