Written in the Java programming language, this software can be used to visualize the data of different kinds of meteorological sensors in a variety of ways, especially suited for aviation meteorologists at airports.

The features of the software can be summarized as follows:
Automatically retrieves the latest sensor data from a database and adds it to the display.
Displays can be fully configured by the user. Each display may contain one or more sensors in different views.
Each sensor can be viewed either as a line-graph, a table, a single number or a symbol which changes in size.
Additionally an airport map can be used to see the location of the sensors. Each sensor may be toggled on/off directly in the map.
Data limits can be set for each sensor value which cause the sensor to be displayed in red color if the value is exceeded.
A movie feature allows to see the historical development of the sensor data.
Several sensors can be grouped to form a virtual sensor which can be used to control the display of a wind-rose (see below).
The data can be printed as well.
Runs on all computer platforms which support the Java2 run-time environment, for example: Windows, Sun/Solaris, Compaq/Digital Unix, IBM/AIX, Linux etc.

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The following images show some examples of possible sensor displays:

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