Written in the Java programming language, this software can be used for quick and easy generation of meteorological charts. Starting with a background image, lines, areas, textfields and special weather symbols as well as weather bulletins can be inserted into the chart. The finished chart can be printed and saved as gif-image.

The features can be summarized as follows:

Drawing functions for lines, polygons, areas and text.
Support for cloud- and front-lines, weather symbols.
Easy selection of color, line width, fonts and text size.
Rotation, movement, copy and paste of one or more drawing objects,
Templates with background images and geographical overlays.
Charts can be saved (vector graphic, gif-file) and printed.
METAR and UXOS bulletins are retrieved from a database and flightlevel data, temperature, pressure etc. are inserted automatically into the chart. An input
mask is available to edit these data.
Moon phases, rise and set time are calculated and displayed in the chart.
Runs on all computer platforms which support the Java2 run-time environment, for example: Windows, Sun/Solaris, Compaq/Digital Unix, IBM/AIX, Linux etc.

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The following image shows an example for such a chart. Tauern exaple image

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