TBK is a Java program for automatic generation of weather charts, where METAR and SYNOP bulletins are represented as weather stations in a geographical map.

Program features:

The station model includes clouds (amount and height), visibility, weather phenomena, wind speed and direction.
The configuration of the stations is read from a simple stationlist (text file), where identifiers and geographical position for each station are defined.
Geographical overlays can be configured as well.
Program can be used without user interaction: after starting the program, the most current data for all configured stations is retrieved from a database, the chart is created, printed and/or saved as gif-file.
An optional print preview (including printer selection) is possible.
Runs on all computer platforms which support the Java2 run-time environment, for example: Windows, Sun/Solaris, Compaq/Digital Unix, IBM/AIX, Linux etc.

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The following image shows an example for such a chart.
TBK example image

Last update: September 1 2006