The following software products are available at our institute:

WIIS - Weather Image Information System

A complete solution for the transmission and visualization of weather data like weather radar images, satellite images, prediction data, weather station data, lightning stroke data, wind-profiler data etc.
For more information on this product visit our Website (German).

WDMUX - Weather Data Multiplexer

A key building block in designing comprehensive, hierarchical, high-availability weather data networks. The multiplexer software can be used to transmit weather data over a wide variety of transmission links. Different data sources can be assigned with different priorities so that it is ensured that the most important information is transmitted first.

SSS - SADIS Server Software.

A software to receive, decode and store meteorological data received from a SADIS station. The software directly interfaces to the SADIS receiver via X.25 and allows to save the data in a variety of different databases.


Meteorological Sensor Visualization.


Graphical Metar and TAF Visualization for fast pilot briefing.


A text editor targetting especially at entering TAFs and METARs.


A program for the semi-automatic creation of weather maps. The maps contain tabular data which is automatically requested from a database. Drawing functions can be used to draw arbitrary meteorological symbols on the map.


Automatically create weather charts from METAR and SYNOP data.


Air Weather Watch - Click for demo screenshots.

Last update: May 2011